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Eat chicken boy "center fire above the valley little game online

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Eat chicken boy
Phenomenal swim "young" center official game card player "fire above the valley" officially launched today, the game will be the CARDS and the integration of survival class element, in the process of the game, players in large map in the wilderness, and through the search for weapons, equipment and other resources against each other, to seek survival in the fire and infighting, to experience the new card "chicken". At the same time, the "fire above the valley" in addition to the single combat, also support the double teams PK mode, players can open black with friends, gate-crashers celebrated together above the valley. Search in WeChat - found - game "valley" above the fire can experience "fire above the valley" the small game, joined to the intense of the chicken confrontation. "Fire above the valley" the small game online today Squat down grass rob and equipment In-fighting joy is boundless Players through the grab equipped myself the difference between the allocation of resources on the map In the small game, 16 players will be on...
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