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"Hero alliance" 143th hero exposure Big recruit replicable skills

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"Hero alliance" officially released new hero - 143 from the liberation of the city of the DE Marcia, Silas. "In his way, also for the body, to seize power, nothing more. I use it to destroy kingdom." The hero broke loose with his golden chain, and turned it into his arms, cause harm to the enemy, but also have the skills to dash, that is able to replicate the enemy's tricks. Let's look at the hero's official forecast. Skill demonstration: the official also brought the new hero skills, specific as follows: passive: to break the enemy law bans. After they cast any spell, Silas next attack wave bands, damage nearby enemies. Q: the chain whip. Sellars shaking chains whipped the enemy, causing damage and slowing effect. A moment later, the corner of the chain explosion, promote slowing effect and damage the enemy again. W: regicide spikes. Sellars jump to...
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