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Two new copy Mobile game "sword spirit: revolution" updates

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Two new copy Mobile game
January 8, update the sword spirit: revolution, in the game has added a new copy, new clothes, etc., and start the New Year in. The launch of the new copy of the daily as the "devil's garden" and "red envelopes" canyon, two levels, respectively, 30 and 60 copies. Copy of which is divided into 20 stage, players need to defeat the huge monster to enter in each stage to the next stage. Among them, the players through the "devil's garden" can gain experience rewards, by "red envelopes" canyon can get silver awards. The devil courtyard The devil courtyard his BOSS red envelope canyon Red valley his BOSS at the same time, the game also the newly added 6 brand new dress. In the game, on the other hand, opens the New Year in. Players can participate in activities, collect golden helmet pig production drawings, and other props, making gold pig helmet.
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