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The game will bring where to left-behind children

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The fieldwork The game will bring where to left-behind children Regression of left-behind children game (2) the game industry to capture the secret of the left-behind children can't completely by the game "back pot", the essence of the game itself is not a problem. Compared with the city children, the left-behind children face more sense of meaninglessness situation, in the urban and rural social structure, the education and living environment of the village of boarding depressing and drab, electronic games has become the only choice that the left-behind children escape the sense of meaninglessness. Under the influence of social structure, the game industry capture mechanisms are easier to operate. But the game is to pass specific what factors permeate and strengthen its influence? The game will carry left-behind children to? China agricultural university institute of humanities and development "China's rural left-behind population research team" (hereinafter referred to as the "team") based on years of henan, jiangxi, sichuan, hunan, guizhou and other regions of rural left-behind children research achievement, trying to reveal...
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