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"Blue line" el Delhi far people do open book

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Eldridge (エ ル ド リ ッ ジ) overall form 】 【 like jump out directly from the graphics. Due to the size proportion 】 【 is rendered approximate "semi prone position", the overall height is about 160 mm, pay more attention to reflect the shape of the modelling on detail but person; & have spent & have spent Eldridge dimensional surface like 】 【 (エ ル ド リ ッ ジ) expression of adult, no matter from which Angle has different taste, look in the eyes is that man has been confirmed. & have spent & have spent Leg is talking, red and white radish 】 【 slightly within eight legs, 'you don't don't of, and classic lantern sleeve, bring their own fun princess rocks; & have spent & have spent Adult fat of meat and eggs times 】 【 xx it is not proud, not surprisingly, don't be...
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