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What Pikachu, killer in UCG455 47 is your partner

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What Pikachu, killer in UCG455 47 is your partner
Prize contest this cover the actual content of a book, for corresponding game, guess this cover and write the name of the game, in the message of success right top 5 and after a certain number of * reply, will get a 455 issue of the electronic magazine. Only the first contest of the first game is effective. * every 30 of them, increase the total number of messages is random giving increased 1 person. Deadline: December 5, 12 noon this cover and directory because this cover involves game related content can only be officially released on December 5th, so the following is a tentative cover and directory. The editors recommend you also shaved bald? Yes, you are familiar with head back! Japan's famous boxing saitama teacher once said so a words: "I become bald, also is better." 47 is bald, so he is very strong. As the international famous assassination organization ICA's most outstanding agents, 47 is always the pursuit of the use of a variety of means to kill...
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