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Trill v. one million baidu infringement claim

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Trill v. one million baidu infringement claim
December 3, "trill short video operators" Beijing micro sowing horizon technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "micro sowing horizon") that the number of users concoctive fact, malicious slander, citing infringement, baidu will Beijing technology co., LTD, appealed to the court, to stop infringement, apologize, eliminate the influence, and compensate for the loss of 1 million yuan. A few days ago, haidian court accepted the case. , according to the haidian court's official website information micro v. horizon, says that, on August 8, 2018, trill number found hundreds of users "entertainment is not a fool", published in the number of platforms, entitled "the trill" slide gate, a man and a woman amusement park water interaction, the net friend: moral, articles, fictitious trill short video is the so-called "slide gate" porn video, fabricated in the video "embrace together a man and a woman", "began the close interaction" facts, trill short video for malicious slander and derogatory. ...
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