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Launched in 2019, "yeshu" new Falcom more host

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Launched in 2019,
Falcom released this fiscal year (October 1, 2017 to September 30, 2018) of the results, which mentioned the next fiscal year, Falcom plans to sell new "yeshu" series. That is to say, September 30, 2019, "yeshu" new book will be on sale. According to previous kondo, the news of the President referred to in the overseas media interview, "the yeshu" for the next or the story of the ms, and a time line direct connection "yeshu 8". As for the yeshu 8, results show that the sales have topped 500000, outside Japan also won the high praise. At the end of 2018, "yeshu 8" will launch qualified entities. In addition to the latest "yeshu" series, Falcom next fiscal year will launch more host game. Source: Falcom
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