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Sandbox game creation and magic "obtained new game of the year award

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Sandbox game creation and magic
Recently, tencent's worldwide partner conference (TGPC) held in nanjing, the conference theme of "open, symbiotic" tens of thousands of global partners to attend to attend, including more than 350 industry leader and a batch of science and technology and industry entrepreneurs, hero and entertainment as tencent partner also attended the meeting of concern. The convention's "open, symbiosis" points in the BBS, tencent application treasure for China mobile game industry influential to commend, hero and entertainment's first sandbox games "to create and magic" won "the new game of the year" award. The creation and the magic is a hero mutual entertainment's first create a sandbox products, on the single channel TapTap three days registered users to break through 200000, the accumulative total more than 25 million registered users, video click total more than 8 million. The creation of the players in the game with infinite space, the seaside villa, the mountain castle, etc.,...
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