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"Catherine Full Body intelligence: three contestants sexy appearance

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Atlus today released more Catherine Fullbody intelligence, including: the new role Rin story, Nero glasses visual figure, online functions, and the goddess YiWen recorded five linkage, and so on. New role: Rin appeared beside Vincent's third Catherine. In addition to his own name, lost all the memory. For Vincent on the edge of the derailment test, is a kind of existence of healing. To sum up, the Rin is special pure, lovely, gentle, but she also have their own little secret. Rin little secret is more than one. She appeared in the nightmare, with its incredible power to deliver the Vincent. Along with the advancement of story plot, the secret of the Rin also gradually surfaced. In action levels, will also have pushed box with Rin scenes, players need to think about how to guide the Rin. Love of escape? To escape from the nightmare with Rin. ...
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