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The two "Tom clancy" game to join the Xbox backward compatibility

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The two
Microsoft announced today ubisoft's two "Tom clancy" game "the end of the war" "helicopter strike force" to join the Xbox backward compatibility, the player with the original game can directly download the game to play. "The end of the war" was released in November 2008, developed by ubisoft Shanghai studio is a real-time strategy game. Video game based on a global scale military conflict, unique voice control system to enhance players in the sense of that war. But actual performance is difficult to satisfactory to speech recognition, which can lead to gaming experience landslides. Game suits in the United States currently sells for $20, port service price is relatively cheap, for hk $79. The helicopter strike force "was released in March 2009, is the first time ubisoft try making simulated flight shooting game. The game's very close to the ace combat 6, but the game also joined the belongs to own original auxiliary flight control system. The system can help better players...
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