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To buy it? "Super kill the walking dead"

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To buy it?
Guide "buy it" column, to provide a game introduction, version information and some foreign media for the evaluation of the game. Game introduction "super kill the walking dead" is a team, the end of the survival and stealth elements in zombie first-person shooter. Players will in the classic cartoon, TV drama, the world of the walking dead, play four survivors have different background story in the end of the survival. Washington has fallen in the game, players can gather supplies, search for survivors, modified weapons to kill zombies and obtain task at the end of the reward. This work by the ever developing the harvest day 2 "OVERKILL studio development. Four characters, three skills game starts when there will be four characters to choose from, each character has a unique exclusive bonus weapon types and can upgrade the skill tree, and cultivate character will allow players to spend quite a lot of time. Has three active skills game, the player can use, props aspect has the...
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