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Live your life? Dead? Talk about "PS", included the retro gaming

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Live your life? Dead? Talk about
I do not know from when to begin, nostalgia has become an important part of the video game industry. Tide restoring ancient ways of blowing in the past two years and prompted us to rethink the old host, the potential value of the old works. Recently released the PlayStation Classic mini (PS) is a let people off guard products, its appearance and time to market just 3 months apart, SIE will also take out ads remakes 20 years ago, is planned. The first launch of the PlayStation Classic built-in 20 games (America, Japan version is different, a total of 28), they are some familiar tradition, some are contains the special significance of The Times, you may hit on them, may never hear all sorts of reasons to commence. However, these have s feeling of dust seal an old should be more people to understand. In order to find out, we according to the series...
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