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Gay? Forbidden? The beast? The "open" sex philosophy in ancient Greece

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Gay? Forbidden? The beast? The
Assassin's creed Odyssey (hereinafter referred to as "the Odyssey") to bring players in 431 BC the overhead of version of the peloponnesian war. In the protagonist revealed epic journey of life, those men and women, old and young winner-take-all liao sister liao han "romantic" feeder for many players call to look. The reality of the ancient Greek society is what? In fact, celebrities in ancient Greece and the people in the game has been quite conservative, they will be more bold and unrestrained in reality. Gay men, myths and legends are so its love. -- leto temple inscription in the Odyssey actor and can be either by the player, in the "romance" feeder, character can flirt or not avoid all kinds of food, so gay gay, stir stir kyi kyi. But not so much brought gay play double leading role, as double leading role for the reduction of "open", the ancient Greek provides a now easier to be accepted way of cut. After all, the real ancient greeks to make up, can say is...
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