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"The monster watch 4", "lightning eleven Ares libra "announced the delay issue

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According to early steal run news journal, originally scheduled for this year to sell the monster watch 4 will be postponed to the spring of 2019, originally scheduled to be held in the summer of 2018 and the sale of the lightning eleven Ares libra "already has announced a delay to the autumn, the announced delay again until the winter of 2018. Devil watch 4 this describes three different world: scene too live in "the devil watch" series of familiar world, animation, "the devil watch shadow" hero summer the world of the visual appearance of 30 years, and is scheduled for December 14, 2018, public letter the character of the movie "the devil watch FOREVER FRIENDS" in the world. As the "devil watch" series debut on the Switch, this great evolution on the image. Eleven devil watch 4 the lightning Ares of libra is LEVEL 5 series of latest released last year, in order to...
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