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Hand swim in gaining IPO release 25 new product

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Hand swim in gaining IPO release 25 new product
Game operators in the hands of dispatch of new wall bulletin YouGuoQing announced before the next 2019 years will launch new products and mobile game market strategic layout, and will continue to build around the IP game of ecological system and the culture of world-class brand. It is reported that 2019 years hand swim will issue the awakening dragon "tutor" "fix true chat group think of" thunder "and so on more than 20 new IP boutique. In the Japanese second yuan mobile game, mobile game is expected to launch three new types of products: urban 3 d with shade action mobile game, secondary yuan tower defense game of the one thousand war and Japanese and wind pan secondary yuan turn-based MMO mobile game "wheel of eight phase life". Rising in recent years gradually employed in secondary yuan, tour also is expected to launch two new products: hand in the idiom of "personification" secondary yuan tour the text b female hand and strategy tower defense + card form secondary yuan hand swim wanhua mirror "mountain". In addition, in hot women to game category, hand swim also...
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