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China host the game market Need your opinion now

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China host the game market Need your opinion now
From the nes fire through the great river north and south of the 1980 s, when the host game at least 30 years of Chinese history, even after a 13-year ban, even underground, into the piracy gray gray market, nor disappear completely. And those memories of host game, are recorded in between the lines of ten million game magazine article, countless website BBS comments, by generations of players come down until today. Don't say narrow escape, also calculate after several ups and downs. As the two major forces in the three major manufacturers of host, Microsoft's Xbox and SONY PlayStation successively into China, the Chinese host game market has entered a new stage of development: from the ground to the ground, from gray to trading, support Chinese from a handful of games, to most of the game to support Chinese, a series of changes for players to empathy, over the past four years in succession. But as a practitioner...
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