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"Hero alliance" youth camp registration is over five thousand people

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Sponsored by the hero union official, Varena events platform and e-sports jointly undertake PentaQ hedgehog "hero alliance academy" activity is going on, registration number is over 5000 people! To participate in and after the audition test runner, will enter the offline youth system, domestic top e-sports training, LPL draft competition, become a star of e-sports star! Varena competition platform under hangzhou's network technology co., LTD, the development has domestic top tournament system, and can, through the analysis of the large data form three-dimensional e-sports data model, provide data support for the race analysis and capability evaluation. In April 2018, youth jointly organized with the hero alliance official events, more than seven hundred outstanding contestants on the platform, finally has prepared a batch of outstanding newcomer, for the LPL Varena competition platform and therefore obtained the consistent high praise. The academy activities,...
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