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"Killer 2" real machine demo: fancy to assassinate Colombian drug

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IO studio has announced the latest real killer 2 machine, display the contents of the new map for Colombia, 47 will assassination local notorious drug Lord in here. "Killer 2" sale will include 6 map, when after the show before Miami map, the Columbia assassination is still full of all sorts of detail, we see the player's task is to get rid of three drug cartel leaders. Video shows the jungle environment, drug luxurious accommodations, as well as the endless assassinations route. Bought the killer in the first quarter of the players will be able to experience improvement in "killer 2" version of the 6 different maps of the first quarter, contain the updated AI, the progress of the new system and the difficulty of different patterns, and the new features can be hidden in the bushes. "Killer 2" will be released on November 13, 2018, corresponding to the platform is PS4, Xbox One and PC, contains the Chinese subtitles. Source: VG247
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