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Switch the persona knight peak scuffle "will launch the Chinese version

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Switch the persona knight peak scuffle
Ten thousand generations south dream palace announced today that corresponds to the Switch platform of "false face knight peak scuffle" will be launched in November 29 synchronous Chinese version, and at the same time released the first trailer in Chinese. "False face knight peak scuffle" Chinese trailer video address the false face knight peak scuffle in the Switch of the TV mode support 4 people to share, desktop model also support 2 people, and this also supports a cassette share to communicate against four hosts. This will also support the body feeling of Joy - Con function, it is not very good at the game children can also through the simple webswinging with pleasure. The false face knight peak scuffle, joined the new appearance of the "false face knight ZI - O" and "false face knight GEIZ, players can experience the war knights in this unique signature style and turns to the strongest form of" scuffle broke out "system and the original story.
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