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Razer launching game routers, price 2199 yuan

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Razer launching game routers, price 2199 yuan
Well-known game hardware vendors Razer announced that it will launch a game dedicated high-performance router "Razer Sila elven magic box", the domestic price of 2199 yuan. According to the website description, Razer elven magic box will use Razer FasTrack engine, synchronous when used in a large number of programs or equipment, the router can identify & have spent PS4 / Xbox One/Switch and other host equipment, and priority to ensure that the host and the bandwidth required of the game. Razer elf magic box also carried a multichannel ZeroWait DFS technique, and automatically switch to the best channel can scan, even in peak time, also can avoid the congestion, enjoy fast and reliable WiFi to use experience. Razer also launched a special this router iOS/Android client application, can be easily carried out on the router Settings, and explore all of the built-in help function, including...
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