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"Color injection group 2" global "sacrifice" incoming: trick or treat!

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Nintendo's "shot blasting" game "color injection group 2 since launch continuously introduce updated content, official recently announced a global synchronization of the festival activities" Splatoween ", the theme of "trick or treat" on Halloween. Unlike the usual sacrifice, the Halloween celebration will be held for 48 hours, the specific time for October 19 16:00 ~ 16:00 on October 21, (Beijing time). Residents are changed into the tide of color square Halloween costume. Officials have launched four holiday limited head is dressed up, zombie cap, devil horns, killer mask respectively, monkfish caps, players can be in before the start of October 5 solstice activity, through the Switch news channel "イ カ institute of communication" or "squids Research Lab". Also a sacrifice against the site is designed to be Halloween style, in the fierce fighting with...
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