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Gao and freshly new login "death match club" 2020 PCS

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Gao and freshly new login
"Super crazy game" studio gao and has just announced that its released four games, which theme is "the children, the children, to the children's deaths caused by the game" of the game, officially known as the "death match club". Log in PC games, scheduled for 2020 years. This type of game is action adventure, action and adventure part will continue. Image: fami flux is made up of gao and just make a single total supervision, the steel aso as script writer, the work as a supervision action adventure game. Illustrator for the "joke" series (west end of the reform of the novel) illustrator - bamboo. The following is the development of this squad: creativity supervision: gao and just play & supervision: the steel aso supervision: set in jersey workers: bamboo art supervision: yoshida modest aso producer: umeda ShenJie development producer: born wood has a development: super crazy game & g - rounding this primary school is the main character in "Reicho...
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