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Blizzard announced, founder and CEO, "we create great game"

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Blizzard announced, founder and CEO,
Official blizzard announced recently, the company founder and CEOMike Morhaime will leave, after advisers to the company's strategy. The CEO position will be performed by the world of warcraft producer & have spent J. Allen brake to succeed. "Our original mission and values, made up of four simple words: 'we create a great game, this is our foundation. Before released the first game, we can design a good statement, and now we are still working to achieve it." Morhaime wrote in to the blizzard community's farewell letter. In 1991, Mike Morhaime he borrowed $15000 from her grandmother and Allen Adham founded blizzard's predecessor - Silicon and synapses (Silicon & amp; Synapse). After 27 years,...
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