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To buy it? "The ultimate racing horizon 4"

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To buy it?
Game introduction "ultimate racing horizon 4" this stage will be moved to Britain from Australia, in addition to the new site, more cars, more play outside, the biggest characteristic is to join the change of the seasons, and different season will all aspects of the change and influence on the game. Open seasons in this world will take turns in the four seasons of chun xiaqiu winter dynamic switching, every season lasts a week, and then by official server synchronous switch, make sure that all the players to get the same experience. Seasonal change is not only a change in scenery, but also affects the road conditions of the track, open a new path, even unlock new events and the map area. And on the basis of these, the Xbox One X provide primary 4 k and HDR visual experience will bring us the game in the history of the most colorful of England. Sharing the world connected to the Internet, the player will be in the open world random encounter assigned to the same service...
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