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What is the smell of life potion?

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What is the smell of life potion?
If companionship is the most affectionate confession, then since the era of Dungeons and Dragons, almost all games can see the "life potion" has long been tied to the players firmly. When heroes are in danger in battle, a few hours ago from the trash can to the red medicine, may be able to save their lives, people have formed a habit of thinking. This is not without trace. The old myth may leave some metaphors. When a Herculean hero is in prison, there will always be a goddess in a white robe, offering a cup of Ambrosia, dragon blood, or other magic potions to the warriors. Normally, it eliminates scars, revitalizes disabled limbs, and even revives lost souls. Life potion is just a contradiction, it seems mediocre, but the meaning behind it is self-evident; adventurers are familiar with its efficacy, but they are accustomed to neglecting the important.
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