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"Resident evil 2 reset edition TGS demo: a feast beyond imagination

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"Resident evil 2 reset edition is the 2018 Tokyo game show (hereinafter referred to as the TGS) one of the most high-profile work, after this year's E3 announced after and provide demo at E3 and cologne, this is the first time in Japan this exposition and provide demo, attract the attention of a number of players. As in PlayStation in 1998 with the release of the platform "resident evil 2" entirely new generation of heavy plate making, the use and 7 "biochemical crisis" and "devil may cry 5" (not yet sold) the same RE Engine game Engine development. In addition to the quality and the improvement of game effect, this makes the biggest difference with the original is to view completely remade to the game and the biochemical crisis 4/5/6 third person of the same shoulder perspective, convenient for operation habit, now also brought with the original completely different gaming experience. CAPCOM reset "resident evil 2 edition of the booth is really attractive in TGS...
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