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"The Wolf" TGS demo: I defeated the BOSS, the first form of!

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"The Wolf" is arguably one of the most popular game in the TGS, opening less than 3 minutes to stop the line number, after almost all day long in the condition of cannot take number, visible players are looking forward to this for high. The game's basic system on the basis of the "soul" series, modified hid in the role of similar to the bonfire, visits to somehow can reply to HP and props, and become the player: life after death. Props is to use the direction key switch left, right, according to use. Hid in the content of the "fire" demo is the invasion of a temple, and reach the depths monk to fight with the BOSS in failure. This demo to my feeling is more focus on infiltrated and assassination, it also conforms to the leading role is a ninja set, at the same time, this system also can reflect a ninja in many ways the identity of the characteristics. Such as this as one of the biggest changes is joined the jumps, cooperate with hook line item, make the player's mobile space more broad. Hook...
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