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The Tales of Crestoria "open world view new intelligence

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The Tales of Crestoria
Japan Bandai Namco Entertainment (ten thousand south dream palace Entertainment), scheduled for 2019 on iOS/Android mobile phone platform, the current reservation registration activities are also popular fantasy RPG website "Tales of braid (legend)" series of latest "Tales of Crestoria" (テ イ ル ズ オ ブ ク レ ス ト リ ア), officially announced that it would enable series painter "cany island Kang Jie" pen again this roles, set illustrations, and openly about the latest intelligence. Website address & gt; & gt; Officials said that the protagonist named "to piece," released (Kanata Hjuger / カ ナ タ ヒ ュ ー ガ), is the only child in the governance of a village monk. Although has the guardian weak strong sense of justice, but also because too blunt...
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