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Final fantasy! The 7 "Final Fantasy" landed on Switch.

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Final fantasy! The 7
Yes, the 7 "Final Fantasy" landed on Switch. They're Ultimate Fantasy 15 Pocket HD, which was released on September 14 and is available for download before September 20. The final fantasy world MAXIMA is on sale in November 6, 2018. "Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle HD Re-edition" was released in 2019, which was announced before, and will be released again today. Final fantasy 12 ecliptic era, 2019. Ultimate Fantasy 7, Ultimate Fantasy 9, Ultimate Fantasy 10 HD Reproduction, Ultimate Fantasy 10-2 HD Reproduction, will be available in 2019. Perhaps it is not impossible to review the whole final fantasy series on Switch. (FF11 unlikely.) When will the 6 or 8 generation be repeated or remade?
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