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"After tomorrow" test end open beta camp recruiting open the dawn

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Netease of virus of human survival last mobile game "after tomorrow", has ended on September 10 android billing delete file test. The end of the crisis, only together means, set up camp, in order to make out a chance to live in the corner. 14 September to November open beta, "after tomorrow" recruiting activities will continue to open it. Survivors can go to website recruiting station, establish or join the camp ahead of time. Summon a partner, side by side face of latter-day survival challenge. Recruitment website camp opened on September 14, once succeed in booking stands set up camp, and entered the camp of the mayor and members after open beta, will reap triple rich rewards - reservation rewards, 3 people, 7 people reward reward, the reward can be gotten superposition. Reward new, iron ore, medicine, food and other supplies necessary survival. During the event, players after select "create new camp", becomes a mayor, and open the camp the raise. The mayor can write personality xuan...
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