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The sweet crit "diffuse change close book" wild girl "review

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The sweet crit
"Sweet crit" adapted from the original love dong diffuse comic "wild, wild girl. As IP network play big heat, air and a half months, playback volume has reached 4.5 billion. In order to more adapt to modern people's viewing habits, is carried out on the net play in the plot, characters relations combing adaptation. So compared to the original comic, net play some changes have been made on the plot details, to learn more fascinating plot, also please visit "dong" watch "wild girl" original comic. Three distinct feelings line, neck and neck In order to easy to film and television creation and the mature commercial operation, and the given to the relationship between the characters in the comic reasonable changes, the prototype for the Queen, song fang yu of the vehicle and tomorrow is still feeling the thread of the story; Basic truthfully to restore the cui in the cartoon sweet song millet role positioning, sun f. h. the original role of early appeared also let a person look forward to the development of the relationship; While Cheng Yanan feelings line is a cartoon character prototype of grafting...
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