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Tencent released "LBS solutions" help developers to break the dimensional wall

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Tencent released
Recently, tencent location service platform "LBS solutions", mainly for LBS class game developers, offering includes positioning, maps, search, navigation and other integrated services platform, power game developers to better combine game virtual world and real world, common brings unprecedented game experience for players. Five advantages fully covers a variety of LBS game data requirements in order to better service for game developers, tencent LBS game solution insight into the huge potential of combining ecology and location-based services relying on strong for many years, tencent games ecology and cultivation for a long time, in the field of LBS with personalized map, whole platform compatibility, diversified service, global location service, and anti-cheating positioning the five functional advantages. And other LBS solutions, the scheme not only including game POI and fragmentation division data services, also includes many forms a...
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