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Blizzard said several "diablo" project development Years more news

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Blizzard said several
& have spent Since launch, "diablo 3" has been 6 years, 14 of the season, although many players are still in the struggle, but for this series, "diablo", it is time to do some new movements. In named "" diablo" future "in the video, the community manager Brandy Camel, said a multiple blizzard is currently" diablo "development of the project, and can bring more information later this year. "Some of them will take more long time than other (projects). But later this year, we may show you something." Camel said. From Camel's statement, we don't know the specific circumstances of the project, but what is clear is that basically Camel said "later this year," is the blizzard of carnival in November, no matter what blizzard is released, then we just need quiet waiting. Source: Twitter
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