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Xbox One "force" jungle handle 469 yuan on booking

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Xbox One
Microsoft has been launched in 2014 "jungle force" special edition handle, its camouflage modelling a bright. Now in the new Xbox controller, after the launch of the "force" jungle handle now also ushered in the new version. A new version of "force" jungle handle on the design with) the difference is not big, but matching buttons into orange, near the Xbox design also changed from black to camouflage. The handle like the rest of the new handle, have improved the wrap material, support bluetooth connectivity, equipped with a 3.5 mm headphone jack, customizable buttons with the Xbox accessories application. "Force" jungle theme wireless controller is adopted new woodland camouflage appearance, make it look very hale and hearty. And smooth streamline design, full of sense of texture matching and non-slip grip the greatly improved the lever handle and comfort. Let the players in the world of game play, leave a good game to experience. The new Xb...
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