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E-sports industry into overdrive

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E-sports industry into overdrive
August 6, China international digital interactive entertainment exhibition in Shanghai, the exhibition of attention is the highest e-sports conference of 2018 global e-sports market of commercial value have also been more and more attention. In the next few years, will enter the high-speed development of e-sports industry in China. "Playing games" also nearly billions of market? It is understood that the electronic athletics is not a simple game, but the use of electronic devices as sports equipment, interpersonal intelligence against movement. E-sport is also a kind of occupation, similar to the electronic game of chess and so on. Globally, amazon paid $1 billion to buy the e-sports company for all the shares to Twitch, Swedish media company Modern Times also with the $87 million purchase of e-sports company of Europe's most senior ESL for the vast majority of shares. Not only that, a lot of traditional sports in the world's biggest clubs have also entered the e-sports...
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