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The new public demo of "chop girls" is about to be announced.

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The new public demo of
At the American EVO 2018 Conference on ~5 August 3rd, you can play Demo for the battle between the tangle and the dragon house. Reproducing the original is at the heart of the development process, but the Aplus production team is still in the form of 3D rather than 2D. The production team hopes that the fans can easily get started and adapt to the game as soon as possible. In addition, the production team intended to introduce some storytelling elements in the "evil equipment" into the game, and the animated original Nakajima Ichi base was very active in the development of the game, and even wrote some original plots, which would revolve around the month. The PS4 and PC platform will be fully landed in 2019, and on the upcoming TGS in September, players will be able to experience this work through trial and will get more new people. Source: Dualshokers
The results from the Machine Translation
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