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PlayStation 2018 China conference summary

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PlayStation 2018 China conference summary
PlayStation in China held a PlayStation 2 o 'clock this afternoon, 2018 China conference, conference officially announced several all-new PS4 legal channels, including "spider-man" monster hunter world "and so on, and based on the animation film adaptation of the same name" journey to the west of the risk to return Game edition also released the real machine frame, let's get together and see what the conference information. "Spider-man" conference video all the video address confirmation will launch the land line version of the video address live broadcast content with the latest on the E3 demo consistent spider-man demo video, but the subtitles adopted simplified Chinese, certain that the game will launch the PS4 line version! The game is expected to launch in 2018 years. Line "monster hunter world" will launch the PS4 version has already announced on tencent WeGame platform of the strange...
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