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Digital creativity: excavate the traditional culture "rich mine"

2018-07-18 00:00:00Source: People's network

With the rapid development of digital economy, digital creativity is coming, from the audio, video to TV, and film production in the mobile phone, from the simulation of the scene to the immersion of the environment, from the conversion of the voice to the downloading of the music, from the storage of the information to the collection and analysis of the large data, and the digital technology is changing the production and elimination of the cultural industry. It is convenient to spread cultural content, accurately lock cultural consumers and improve the quality of cultural industry. Recently, the digital cultural industry workshop in Qufu, Shandong, on "the creation of excellent traditional culture theme", and the Shanghai China International Animation and animation game exposition focusing on "animation to let the cultural resources live", have sent a strong signal and clear guidance to the industry: digital era, digital creativity should be opened. Excavating the "rich ore" of traditional culture, promoting the creative transformation and innovative development of traditional culture. The deeper the cultural excavation, the more abundant the source of creation. Kun big, I do not know how many...

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