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Priced at $60: a fig leaf in a game industry.

2018-07-15 09:45:38Source: Game time

As one of the world's largest game markets, some of the norms of the North American market have always been a reference for the industry: the price of the game is the same. From the absolute data of paper, the price of 3A games of US $60 has been maintained for almost 20 years. But in the meantime, the rise in game costs was evident, and Raph Koster, the lead architect of Genesis, wrote in The Cost of Games that, if inflation was taken into account, the development costs of 3A games would increase tenfold every 10 years. Regardless of whether Koster's data are objective and valid, players can see one or two things from past experience. Final fantasy 12, which cost $48 million, has become an insurmountable wall in the PS2 era. Just a few years later, GTA4 of Rockstar broke through the yoke in the new generation.

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