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"Dante's inferno will join the Xbox One backwards compatible

2018-07-18 10:12:59Source: Game time

A few days ago, EA Access to reveal the Xbox 360 version "Dante's hell" will join the Xbox One downward compatibility, today's Xbox Live program director Larry Hryb on twitter confirmed the news. Dante's inferno is a third person adventure game developed by Visceral Games, landed the Xbox 360 and PS3, PSP platform. Game poet Dante's the divine comedy as originally adaptation, leading role name is also called "Dante", players will across all hell, face to face with the extent of their crimes. Subtlety of R.U.S.E. (soldiers) is developed by Eugen System real-time strategy game, players will play in the game troops during the second world war, the game can through the "plan", is one of the features of the disclosed information and hidden information, for example, fake buildings and units, etc...

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