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Domestic shooting game "gene rain" landing PS4 July 17

2018-07-18 00:00:00Source: People's Daily online

People's Beijing, July 18 (xinhua Yang Yu polo) domestic atelier Deeli Network17 day announced that its third person shooter "Gene Rain" Gene (Rain) in July 17 landing PS4, this also plans to land the Xbox One/Steam, but at present, which has not yet been published in the sale. The gene rain set for the next three camps infighting, Alex: part man, part machine. Salman: robot; Li ying: humans. Each faction has its own concept and strive for goals, they are willing to stop the world all cost of infighting. As a TPS game, this contains nine weapons, including three main weapons can upgrade. Scenarios into the city of destruction, quiet town, deep canyons and night under the city four. The enemy set in the game more than 12, and each enemy has...

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