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"Jedi survival" anchors the elder brother of lemon.

2018-07-17 00:00:00Source: People's network

Recently, the Pitfish live broadcast of "Jedi Survival" plate in addition to the twin sisters, Princess Ling Xue, Xiao Tingdang, YJJ and egg commentary and other super popular anchors, adding a powerful general - known as the "Little Prince of Steel Guns" and "the first pitcher" lemon brother. After the official announcement of Lemon Brother's arrival, he contracted out a large LED screen for the evening of July 12. As a "Jedi Survival" anchor, Lemon Brother can get more fans in a similar type of anchor favor, its strength is self-evident. Whether it's the chicken-killing style he's just met, the spiritual maneuvers he's played in games like grenade throwing to finish eating chicken, or the fact that he's plugged in and out of the charts, Brother Lemon's strength has kept him firmly in the top 100, top 200 of the four rankings in Southeast Asia, and his fans love it. One of the reasons for loving him. What is amazing is that the early lemon...

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