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Mainland "adventure" July 17 starting fantasy trip officially opened

2018-07-17 00:00:00Source: People's Daily online

Mainland mobile game round strategy "adventure" in the android full channel first time officially on July 17 at 10 o 'clock. It will take you into new western world, open your fantasy in western China trip! The western China Open the fantasy journey 】 mainland "adventure" to mainland western fantasy adventure for the main story background. Here, between the city-state's melee lasted more than one hundred years, causing the polis holes. Slowly, human beings gradually realize that the war will continue to make city-states destruction, gradually a peace agreement between the city-states through negotiations and trade as a substitute for war. But the talks will not solve all problems, and finally in the post-war biggest city xin called on darfur, finally reached an agreement between the city-states to solve dispute that negotiation cannot, it is the battle of the contract - angel sent a contract between the parties in the dispute to solve the dispute through the duel between them, namely justice victory. Five years later, simba's attacks and, players become...

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