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According to the shadow mark the DLC, tan OL mark play out

2018-07-17 00:00:00Source: People's Daily online

Large huai XianXia online the DLC, tan online already open mass delete file test. For first step into DLC world games "mark" play fantasy and fun, so today we know about the "mark" play together. Au three solid printing of qin shi huang, a sword for damaged side of waiting for a person with shennong powers of the central plains grass bouquet valley, the valley one of shennong close planting "wood" month, soak up the divine power, so very channeling can disaster early warning. Fairy LanYao period had shennong kiss give the magic magic, under the "crown on wood" warning, the rate of the mana advanced the cultivate immortality, prevents the qin shi huang immortal legion to break the qin shi huang for the disaster. With crown on wood nymph LanYao period Come together to destroy the demon evil nearly as the job is done, the magic dragon meteor is sudden, happeneth LanYao period and all loss, with a final "day five Jue array of equilibrium" seal the magic dragon. Phase of the nymph LanYao exhausted body died, entrust the later cultivate immortality disciple mo forget to reinforce the qin...

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