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Children addicted online game Parents can "monitor" account

2018-07-17 00:00:00Source: People's Daily online

Summer is the peak period of teenagers use the Internet, how to guide their network consumer behavior? The reporter learns yesterday, fuzhou, parents can use "game consumption reminds" and other services, reasonable guide the children use the Internet effectively. Tencent institute issued by the China youth network game behavior and protect the research report, according to the fuzhou youth network game online, pay channels generally paid amount relatively controllable, about eighty percent within 100 yuan monthly consumption, more money from the pocket money and other discretionary funds. China's science and feasible.although report shows, people use the computer to check information of 14 years old, with mobile phone has become a habit, such as micro letter/QQ on the Internet for more than 30 minutes a day of up to 60.8%. It is reported, tencent will launch a "minor game consumption reminds" service, when the child bypass regulation games, especially during the irrational consumption to take their parents' money, will be timely and effectively to remind. For suspected minor...

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