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Spending limit can block the online "black hole"?

2018-07-17 00:00:00Source: People's Daily online

Swimming is a lot of big network suspected minors consumption quota remind list. Southeast network reporter BaoMeiNa taken in recent years, many minors in online game secretly with parents' bank accounts prepaid phone, bring economic loss to many families. And minors excessive consumption behavior in online games, will also be tencent game operator, to the forefront of public opinion. On June 20th, tencent announced "minors consumer alert" service, suspected of minors' daily consumption exceeds 500 yuan will take the initiative to remind all account. Recently, tencent has announced that it will limit from the original 500 yuan to 500 yuan over 30 days in a single day. Many parents believe that this effect is limited, there are psychological counseling practitioners, points out that to control the children's game consumption, to establish a good parent-child relationship. Treats: limit 500 yuan heated debate Reporters noted that the company tencent launched the "game consumption reminds" service covers many current...

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