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Flow against black industry chain has been formed

2018-07-17 00:00:00Source: People's Daily online

Yao Wen/cartoons using malware scan others computer, steal the supreme administrative authority, illegal control 85 computers, use the computer to attack others sites, illegal profits of more than 20000 yuan. Recently, jiangsu huaian division district people's procuratorate in accordance with the control of alleged illegal computer information system crime, destroying computer information system crime Lv Mou, four people to Sue zhang, huang, ryu. Abnormal flow, which leads to the mysterious hacker in August 2017, police division to the public, reflects how companies malicious access the web server was attacked, and illegal add multiple advertising page. After preliminary investigation, the police found a unknown local personnel with the help of the so-called "hacking" BBS, QQ "orders", undertaking the flow attack (also called "DDOS attack") website profit "business". "Flow attack refers to the use of big data, large flow short time visit the web site down...

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