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It cheap online game currency traps to cheat money

2018-07-16 00:00:00Source: People's Daily online

Recently, in wenzhou, zhejiang province and hainan east police, in tencent "guardian plan" with the help of security team and successfully solved "6 · 28 to heavy hainan east game currency fraud", captured the criminal suspect, 62. Destroy the fraud gang 8, solve more than 200, involving more than 300 ten thousand yuan. Dongfang is listed by the state council game fraud in key areas of hainan province. In November 2017, the state council to combat the illegal crime of management of telecom network new office inter-ministerial meeting, will dongfang as game currency of fraud crime, in the key areas of hainan province are listed. The ministry of public security department launched the strike telecom fraud cases to "1 + 8 + 32" new mechanism, by wenzhou anti cheat center, undertake the task of Oriental game currency to fraud, tencent "guardian project" technical assistance for the security team. Referred to as the "2018 east to pick a hat action". This year on March 25, a case clue...

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