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"Choose love world" game five story strategy

2018-07-16 00:00:00Source: People's Daily online

"Choose love world" is the sole agent by tencent game, lemon grass, research and development of interactive entertainment, a female to the subject matter in love more interactive game. Covers the ancient and modern, the republic of China, campus, city; Pure love, GongDou, adventure, suspense, seven different types of theme story for players to try out. First online are ancient martial arts adventure "book of jin" difficult and modern suspense the opening part of my death. Choose to love the world mobile game is a collection of interactive love reading game, the game is not redundant tasks, players can experience the wonderful story here, to interact with the fellow men, each man the Lord has a different story, as a novice to how to play? In the plot to how to choose? "Choose love world" game totally divided into five big story plot, respectively is: "book of jin" difficult, "the flower dream easily pavilion", "see also quartet", "my death", "card" of silent. 1, the...

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